Is happiness always around the corner?

Life goes on always in rush. Within this rush, we’ve already lost our ability to control our thoughts but it can be recovered. Do you remember any time, when you were able to totally control your thoughts, even for a short period of time? Are you able direct your focus to whatever you want for a time period of your will? Actually, these are questions that attract out attention before anything else, while starting Mindfulness practice.


I can’t practice meditation, what should I do?

There is no such thing as “can’t practice”. Awareness exercises are personal and unique experiences. No one is better than the other and there is no right and wrong.

While meditating, the fundamental aim is not get lost among thoughts. At the beginning, this might be difficult to experience but the more you practice, the more you follow the directions, you’ll see that the more you can be present at the moment.


What is meditation and how do we meditate?

Have you ever found your mind travelling away from the conversation that you’re in, noticed that you don’t really pay attention at what you’re eating, you don’t get the taste of the food or noticed that you’re walking in between your thoughts rather than the street that you’re in? Well, that’s a tiny little game of our minds on us. The mind is always either in the past or in the future. It’s in a constant rush. Together with all the anxiety, worries and dreams; it turns into an organ, which we can’t really control and works independently.