What is Mindfulness?

One of the buzzwords we always hear these days is ‘mindfulness’ and carrying out daily habits ‘mindfully’. Though what does

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If You Love Meditation, You’ll Love These Books

Meditation isn’t solely a tool for relaxation. It’s also an important way to broaden your perspective and gain awareness. It

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How Meditation Changes the Human Brain

If you’re like me, odds are you used to laugh at the idea that meditation can change a person’s outlook.


What are the thoughts that prevent setting a regular meditation practice?

Actually, it’s very easy to ensure sustainability in meditation because it is as easy as raising awareness during the day


When and for how long should I meditate?

When starting a meditation practice, one of the biggest questions that come to mind is regarding duration. Meditation is totally an

Como Puedo Mantener Mi Motivacion?

Is happiness always around the corner?

Life goes on always in rush. Within this rush, we’ve already lost our ability to control our thoughts but it


I can’t practice meditation, what should I do?

There is no such thing as “can’t practice”. Awareness exercises are personal and unique experiences. No one is better than


What is meditation and how do we meditate?

Have you ever found your mind travelling away from the conversation that you’re in, noticed that you don’t really pay